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Chrysler Star Scan--The Star Scan diagnostic tool, is the foundation of Chrysler Group vehicle service diagnostics.All Can Vehicles from 2004 to Present - Do them All!Engine, Transmission, Body, Chassis, Anti-Lock, Passive Restraint, Theft.Read & Clear Codes, Check Sensor Values, Check Inputs and Outputs.Perform Actuator Tests, Monitors Status!View Freeze Frame Data, Misfire Monitors and OBDII Data!PID Data View, Record, Save, Playback all included!

Chrysler WITECH Diagnostic System--Witech Diagnostic Application-This all-new diagnostic application replaces the existing Star-Mobile desktop client application and contains significant enhancment to imporve techinican efficiency.It is more intultive, faster and provides vehicle data and service information at the same time. It connects to both StarMobile devices and the new Witech VCI POD.